The Birth of Sophia: A Family Complete

We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am on Thursday the 29th 2013 for the scheduled induction. This wasn’t the plan, not even close, but after a very trying and painful last few weeks, and being 3 cm dilated for 3 weeks it was the best choice. She had really hoped to go into labor naturally since all the other children had been induced for various reasons, but it was not meant to be.

So after arriving they quickly got melanie started with an IV and pitocin. At about 8:30 Dr. Middleton came by and broke her water. At this point we expected things to progress fairly rapidly. After all with gio it was only 6 hours from the start of the pitocin to his birth, and that was with zero pushing, he literally came out all on his own.

So this is the point when we started the waiting game. She was 4 cm when her water broke and after a couple hours they checked her again and still 4 cm. When your water is broken they don’t like to check you more than every 2 hours so we were getting pretty anxious between checks to see the progress, but each time still 4 cm.

So after about 10 hours and steady increase of the amount of pitocin she was receiving we still weren’t seeing any progress. At this point I checked our phones and noticed people were getting concerned that there had been no updates in so long, so I let everyone know things were just moving a bit slower than expected.

After that they continued to increase the pitocin and once they hit the max dose things started to progress. This was at about 7 pm and I posted that melanie was 7 cm and 80 % effaced.

Melanie began feeling lots of pressure and the nurses started preparing for the inevitable birth which at this point, we now know, was less than half an hour away. Little did we know what was about to happen.

At 7:15 the nurse checked her again and quickly exited the room saying she was getting the Dr. As Dr. Phillips entered the room I could see the concern on her face, and when she checked Melanie I knew something wasn’t right. When She asked for a portable ultrasound“NOW!” and the nurses all started moving very quickly I knew she was breach. Within seconds the ultrasound was in the room and Melanie and I both watched as Dr. Phillips put the sensor on top of her stomach and Sophia’s head was clear as day, then she checked the bottom and sure enough there were her legs. Dr. Phillips told us we were headed for a C-section and this is when things really got crazy. The whole nursing staff it seemed was suddenly in the room, and as they prepared melanie to head to the OR I quickly explained to the children what was happening. Gianna was the most frightened and just sat in a chair curled up into a ball. They all knew that a C-Section was the thing mommy was most scared of having, and understood this wasn’t part of the plan. I managed to get a very short post on facebook letting everyone know, and then dropped my phone on the counter and ran down the hallway following melanie and the team of nurses that were pushing her bed. I believe it was 4 or 5 people.

The reason this was an emergency situation was that Sophia was already in the birth canal and literally minutes from being born. While there is a good chance she would of come out just fine breech, there is also a chance things could go wrong. As we are going through the halls melanie is telling them she can feel her coming, and at this point one of the nurses jumps on the bed with her and gives an injection to stop the contractions. As they push her into the OR me and Melanie’s mom have to get dressed in scrubs and wait. After a few minutes they came out and told us it was ok to come back. As I enter the room I’m surprised at how many people there are. There was a chair for me next to melanie, she was very nervous of course, but everything went great and within minutes Sophia is out. At this point its 7:30. So from when the nurse noticed something wasn’t right to completed C-Section was just 15 mins. I think that is amazing and have nothing but gratitude toward the whole staff that night.

Once Sophia was born all the craziness we had just gone through was all worth it. She was so perfect and very alert and awake. I was surprised how much she was looking around as I had heard C-Section babies were typically less alert. They weighed her got her wrapped up and I was able to carry her out of the OR to the bassinet waiting in the hallway.

Since we had a late delivery we weren’t sure if we would be able to leave Saturday night or Sunday morning. Luckily we were able to leave on Saturday night, as we were very ready to get home and get life started with our new addition. As I looked back in the van seeing all our children ready to head home I felt a feeling of completeness I’ve never experienced. It was time to start another new chapter as a family of 6 and we were off.


An Awakening

A little over 2 years ago at the beginning of 2011 me and my family attended our first service at Wiregrass Church.

This is my story of that last 2 years.

Leading up to that first service I had been invited by former coworkers to this place called Wiregrass Church. It was “different” and “better” than other churches. I more or less brushed it off as the same old thing I had heard before. You see I was not a religious person. Not that I had a problem with organized religion it just wasn’t for me. So I never mentioned it to my wife and we never went.

Skip forward a year or so and my wifes friend Gina invites us to their church. Its in a new building and the first service at the new location was coming up. My wife was really excited about it and I grudgingly agreed to go. At this point I didn’t realize it was the same church that my former coworkers and friends Jeremy and Greg had invited me to before. So sunday comes along and we go to the 9 o’clock service. Needless to say it was an amazing experience. I ran into a former classmate who’s son is now good friends with our son. A couple services later I also ran into Jeremy and his family and that’s when I realized it was the same church I had been told about years before. So after that first service we were all hooked. Me, my wife, and the kids all loved it. They say Wiregrass is the church where the kids bring their parents. I can honestly say we have seen that first hand.

Skip ahead a couple months of going almost every sunday and Melanie decided she wanted to start volunteering in Waumba Land, the Pre K environment at Wiregrass. So as she started in Waumba Land I tried to find a place for me to serve. I was very hesitant to work with the young kids and just wasn’t sure it was for me. After a few weeks I decided to give it a shot. It just made sense for me and Melanie to serve together since we are already such a good parenting team. Lets just say I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I loved it! Getting to know the kids and working with them is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Too put it bluntly it’s addicting. It’s exhausting at times, but I just loved coming every week and investing in the lives of these young children. Then I experienced something I didn’t expect. Sadness. You see at the end of the year all the kids move up to the next age group in Waumba Land. I began to realize all these 3 yr olds we had grown to love would be leaving us soon and in another room with new leaders. I honestly don’t know how elementary teachers do it. I only spend one hour a week with them and it was very sad seeing them go. I couldn’t imagine if it was 5 days a week. Tears were shed on more than one occasion. This past year we were fortunate enough to move from 3’s to 4/5 yr olds at the same time that the promotion occurred. This allowed us to stay with some of the same kids for almost 2 years now which has been a huge blessing.

While serving in Waumba Land is a huge part of the Wiregrass experience for me there is also of course the unique service and message style of Andy Stanley. I always enjoy the service on Sundays. We have an incredible band and they just kill it each and every week. I will readily admit that this is one of the biggest reasons I originally fell in love with Wiregrass. “Come for the music, Stay for the message” seems very appropriate here. As i’ve continued to come every week I have grown far more knowledgeable in christianity. And how to specifically apply its teachings in my everyday life. My previous experiences with church was always so abstract and hard to understand the message just never seemed relevant to me. Thats the great thing about Andy. He presents everything in a straightforward and easy to understand format. Some call it the self help church. I would say that’s a pretty good description for a lot of the messages.

Most importantly I can now say that I am a Christian and strive to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Being a part of the community that has formed around this church has been an incredible experience for our entire family so far and I really can’t wait to see where it takes us next.