Rezoning Agricultural (fighting for our chickens)

Rezoning Update: So we had meeting number 2 tonight for our rezoning application and I’ll start off by saying they voted 5-1 to recommend APPROVAL of our application to the city council! So YAY, but it almost didn’t happen, and here’s why… After the meeting opened our neighbor and Pastor of the Center Point Independent […]

The Birth of Sophia: A Family Complete

We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am on Thursday the 29th 2013 for the scheduled induction. This wasn’t the plan, not even close, but after a very trying and painful last few weeks, and being 3 cm dilated for 3 weeks it was the best choice. She had really hoped to go into labor […]

An Awakening

A little over 2 years ago at the┬ábeginning of 2011 me and my family attended our first service at Wiregrass Church. This is my story of that last 2 years. Leading up to that first service I had been invited by former coworkers to this place called Wiregrass Church. It was “different” and “better” than […]